Gunkworld poster


HD 10 min
Using a unique format of episodes and advertisements: GUNKWORLD is a short film about a horror cult cartoon series on TV where the main characters: Gunkman, Sallysweets and Roboji, are cute monster schoolchildren who terrorize human characters. Outside the TV show, GUNKWORLD begins to advertise its brand through commercials and merchandise, which quickly gains popularity at an unholy rate. The entire planet eventually becomes crazed, all their thoughts replaced with messages from GUNKWORLD. Back in the TV show, Gunkman starts to miss his lines. Gunkman is up to something... As a film, GUNKWORLD overloads the viewer with loud, colorful and compressed visuals, audio, stories and designs, playing with ideas of hypnotic subconscious consumption. It paints a vibrant yet ugly picture of needless ‘over-consumption’ and loss of control. GUNKWORLD is also a love letter to Japanese media, seen from the eyes of a child growing up in Singapore during the 90s.