Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2 poster

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 2

HD 8.4 min
The series takes place in Brooklyn. Significant changes are taking place in the life of the local police – a new head named Ray Holt appears. Ray's task is to show himself from the best side, so that everyone knows that he deserves a high position.
The series shows the lives of different detectives. Each of them is a professional in their field, and they do not forget to compete with each other, trying to win the title of the best detective. But all this does not cause enmity between the main characters. They do not forget to laugh and make fun of others, and even of themselves.
As soon as it comes to work, they boldly rush into investigations. The complicated cases that they have to unravel can be very complex and mysterious. Then the main characters unite to achieve a single goal – to catch and punish the criminal.