Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 poster

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6

HD 8.4 min
The sixth season returns to the screens a comedy project beloved by many viewers, telling about the work of the Brooklyn police department. The main actors, of course, are professionals in their field, but even they sometimes lack the concentration to bring complex cases to the end. The plot focuses on a young and promising cop, Jake Peralta, who has always been an optimistic, cheerful and sometimes irresponsible guy in the workplace, which did not particularly strain his superiors. However, after the change of the head, the attitude to his service from colleagues and the new head of the crime investigation department also changed. A couple of inappropriate jokes about the boss-and now Jake is already on the pencil in the dismissal list. However, the young man decides to pull himself together and show the outstanding skills of a real master. The main character tries to do everything possible to work properly, not just to prove to his superiors his high level of professionalism, but also to prove to the upstart Emmy Santiago that he is no worse in the detective business. Ahead of the audience is waiting for the sixth season of your favorite TV series. Let's find out what the final episodes of "Brooklyn"will turn out for the main characters.