Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8 poster

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8

HD 8.4 min
Jake Peralta is one of the representatives of the police department in Brooklyn. This character is considered one of the most outstanding detectives, but at the same time, because of his obnoxious nature, it is not easy to work with this young man. The main character still can't grow up, because for him fun, parties and fooling around are an integral part of everyday life. With all this, such behavior often strains those who are nearby. The main character understands that a really difficult job is waiting for him ahead, but his sharp mind allows him to cope with any trials and difficulties, which slightly pisses off Amy Santiago, who considers herself a real smart girl and one of the best in her field. Peralta is always one step ahead. Moreover, the character often tries to approach an attractive colleague, which turns into failures. Not so long ago, there were changes in the department of the main characters. A new boss took over the post, who disliked Jake at first sight. The latter has to be more careful, but with all this, his hot fervor has not cooled down!