Cobra Kai Season 4 poster

Cobra Kai Season 4

HD 8.6 min
Johnny Lawrence was a notorious bully in the past, but times have battered him. Now the character is known mainly as a typical loser, whom life has pretty much battered. The main character is sure that the only chance to return to normal life is to return to sports, or rather, to martial arts. He is going to open a school to teach young karate talents. "Cobra Kai" will be a real revelation for those. who has been looking for something like this for a long time, because Johnny has excellent connections and a good understanding of his chosen business. He boldly undertakes the implementation of his plans. In addition, fate brings him together with Dan LaRusso, a man who struggles to maintain inner life harmony. He was once taught by Mr. Miyagi himself, which says a lot about his actual training. The meeting of the main characters helps them to get rid of the ghosts of the past and take up a common cause: they are going to elevate karate in a region where this sport has already been pretty much forgotten.